My Father

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My Father

My father wasn’t a very pleasant man. That is not to say he was mean. He wasn’t just that pleasant is not the right word I would use to describe him. In reality, I don’t feel that he would even think of describing himself as pleasant but mean. Although, I do remember him as a hard worker, a strong man, and an understanding person.

When I was younger, my father worked three different jobs not just to manage the bills but to make sure that I got what I wanted. Rather than disappointing me, he chose to push himself harder. I remember the time that I wanted an Xbox 360, and he said that I couldn’t get it, due to the fact that there were other more important things to buy. and me not caring what was important at the time, busted into a rowdy tantrum crying and screaming with snot running down my face just because I’m not getting what I want, He quickly grabbed me and told me in his deep voice, “You don’t always get what you want so suck it up and STOP crying.” With that I did. My Mother convinced my father that I was deserving of this because, I always brought home A’s and honor roll certificates. Of course I wasn’t the only one that was happy about getting that game system, my brother and his friends were as well. They spent late hours playing Need for Speed Shift. Maybe what was uninventive about Need for Speed Shift is that those boys actually played more inside rather than outside. My father never understood what it takes to draw them outdoors. I now know that trying to keep me and my brother happy was a task, and it took strength.

My dad was very resourceful. Let me rephrase that, my dad is very resourceful when it came to his hands. Unfortunately, now he has reached to the age where his body is kind of wearing down on him. However, he didn’t or never let that stop him from doing any of his hobbies. In fact, my father still works on is hobby, he builds speaker boxes to add to his collection or...
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