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My Father

By lizzardbreath212 Oct 11, 2010 444 Words
Many people have someone that they admire. That they fashion themselves to be just like. As for me, I guess I never thought about it. I didn't ever think the question would come up in my everyday life, and when it did today, I was stumped. After thinking about it, it seemed like I was living my life without a any blueprint what so ever. I was making my own mistakes without looking to see what people in the past had done. It all started in speech class...We had to do a speech on a person that we admired most. I thought this would be easy because most people have someone they admire. Well I was wrong, I was blank on ideas. I thought several names right off the bat: Oprah, My mom, and nothing. The truth is I enjoy being as far away from my mom as possible for safety reasons, and Oprah? I could do way better than that. I thought I might do Jesus for my speech but that wouldn't work either. Someone that you admire to me is someone that you wish to be. Jesus is great and all, but I've already sinned countless times and honestly I enjoyed every minute of my sinning, until I got caught of course. No, I needed to admire someone a little lower to myself, somebody that I could probably resemble one day. Somebody like one of my friends. So now I was at least close to finding someone to do my speech on, one of my friends. But who? Not my Catholic friend, she wouldn't be my friend if she knew what I was up to anyway, but that's another story. So that narrowed down about 3/4 of my friends. Then it hit me. I'd do the speech on my friend larissa. Although she's a relitively new friend, she knows more about me than most of my friends will ever figure out. larissa and I are the same in many ways, we both have huge attitudes, the guys that we talk to play the same games, and we both had a huge fight with our moms recently. So now I actually have something for my speech to write about. It's something that I actually care deeply about and didn't just make up for the purpose of the speech. You may just think it's a stupid speech that wont make a difference, but it sure made me think about where I was going in life. It matters who you admire cause you never know, you may end up just like them.

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