My Father

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In my opinion, my father is the busiest person in my family. He is working as a clerk for a beverage company. Besides, he has did most of the housework. Almost everyday he has a full schedule and can’t afford much leisure. But, he’s both a hard - working man and a devoted father.

My father is such a hard – working person that I admire him so much. Yesterday, for example, he had to get up very early. He did some shopping, prepared our breakfast and went to work in a hurry because he had to go to the office before 9 o’clock. He has been spending a lot of time for work since he joined in that company. I have never seen him leaving office before 6 P:M. Supposing that the company has an urgent project, he will work overtime at weekend without complaining. In addition, he is willing to help his partners finish their job on condition that they need. Because of that characteristic, he received the award of his company last year. Although my father is very busy, he feels happy. Sometimes, he says: “Being idle will make me ill “. So he often finds something to do to keep himself busy.

In the role of the husband and father, he’s extremely devoted. He has been considering for the feeling of the others around him. He has taken good care of my family since he got married. He treats my grandmother as if she were his own mother, so my grandmother loves him. He shares the housework with my mother willingly day by day. When we were young, he often had us fix our mistakes as we did something wrong. After we became adults, my father often lets us go to the coffee shop at weekend. While we are talking with the others, we will relax and share our happiness or difficulties with my father. It will have helped all the members of my family happier and warmer before we start a new week. . There hasn’t been the generation gap between us and Dad.

Finally, my father is really kind-hearted man. He gets along well with his neighbors and colleagues. When they have difficulties, he’s...
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