My Father

Topics: Homework, Psychology, Person Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: April 18, 2013
I have met so many people that I can't count them on one hand. Among these people, while there are some people who had passed by my memories, there are other people who were engraved on my memories. Of course, Not all these people had an effect on me, but various people had an effect on me. However, if I have to pick one person who had a special effect on me, I will pick my father without hesitation. However natural answer it may be, it is a meaningful answer for me because he is a special person in my life. There are main three reasons why I picked my father as a person who had a special effect on me. First, he is the person I admire and strive to emulate the most. From the time when I was very young, he helped me a lot by doing my school homework, presentation, school materials, studies and so on. Particularly, I could gain a Chinese character ability certificate when I was a elementary student because my father taught a Chinese character everyday. Also, whenever I destroyed my item, his magic hands fixed it tidy. Secondly, my father is a person who has a respectable personality and character. Usually, people come to feel that parents are getting smaller. However, my father is rather becoming deeper and greater. When I had a fight with my close friend and confided stories about fighting to my father, he pointed out my fault and made me come to think my friend's situation, rather than stood up my side. In his behavior, I could cultivate my consideration and solicitude. Finally, my father was a guide who made me make toward a straight road. When I was a middle school student, I was addicted to hung out with my friends instead of studying. He tried to talk with me constantly to correct me. Story of father's experiences and sincere talks let me regret getting crooked my behavior. Furthermore, this made me look back on my future. When I was in puberty, my parents were distressed about my immature behavior. At this moment, he made me disclose my feeling by arranging...
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