My Family Value - Essay

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English 101
25 June 2012
My Family Value
Without family where do we learn values from? We are not born with values, but learn values from our families. All my values developed from my family, and as I grew into an adult, I made them my own values. As a child, one is dependent on his or her family for emotional, physical, and mental support. The way a person values things is determined by one’s upbringing.

Family is the most important value to me. Without my family, where would I be? How would I interact emotionally, physically, and mentally with others? These are the questions I ask myself when I think about the support of my family. I define family as a support network with one’s immediate family and extended family. Family is whoever an individual chooses to make family; it is people with whom one has an emotional connection and admiration.

My father and I lived with my grandfather. Every morning my grandfather would wake me up and make eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast before school. On Sundays, my grandfather and I would go to the flea market and go shopping for bargains. My grandfather loved to shop for a great deal; he wasn’t wasteful with his money, and he taught me the value of money. Now since my grandfather has passed, my father and I still go to the flea market on Sundays to shop for great deals. It is the little things my grandfather has taught me like spending time with family because we never know when it is out time to go.

I never knew who my mother was as a child or as an adult. My aunts were always at my house cooking, cleaning, and visiting with my grandfather, so I was always around my cousins. I did not grow up with my brothers because they lived with their mother, so my cousins were like my brothers. We did everything together; we would play tag, ride our bikes, build forts, and play video games. My cousins and I went to the same school and lived on the same block. I remember in elementary school my cousins were bad, and the...
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