My Family Heritage

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My Family Heritage

Isabella McArdle
Mr. McCorkle
R1 9/3/14

The United States is made up of many different cultures and diversities and that’s what makes it the successful nation it is today. That is why the U.S. in particular is known as a “Salad Bowl”. ​

The salad bowl idea proposes that the combination of the
many different cultures of United States citizens combine like a salad​ .​
Being American
means loyalty to the United States, rather than being tied to a single culture. Therefore, no one has to abandon their cultural heritage in order to be "American". It all began with waves of immigrants flooding in. With them, they brought their own cultures and traditions to this country. There is no other place in the world that has as much of a diverse population. Although this diversity makes America a very successful and dependent country, it also creates the challenges it faces.​ For example, some

people can only see a way of doing things in a traditional way and take offense to those who do not follow. Many​
heritages such as Native Americans, African Americans,
Europeans, Asians, and Hispanics make up the majority of the U.S. population. America continues to welcome people from many different countries, races, and religions in which they all hope to find new opportunities, freedom, and a better way of life.

Mother’s Side:
My mother (Denine McArdle) has many different races overflowing her heritage. Starting with her mother, Gloria Austin (Griego). My grandmother is Spanish, Greek and French. Her parents, Jake Griego and Sady Madrid (Griego), also share the same races. After extensive research, I realized that my great, great, great grandmother had migrated from France. Once I began to do research on my mother’s father, I discovered he had different races than my grandmother on my mom’s side. My grandfather, Richard Austin, is Spanish, German, Spanish and Russian. His parents, Richard “Isidro” Austin and Margaret Austin (Rivera), had...
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