My Family as a Primary Group

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On this assignment will be dealing with families, it will describing the two types of family that are found within families.

A family is a group of people who share a close relationship ,a unit typically(or traditionally ) composed of mated couple and their dependent children in co-residence .Families create generations -each of which gain in maturity and self sufficiency such as to create and provide for the subsequent generations ,and there are for different types of family namely, nuclear family ,single parent family ,extended family and childless family ,but we will be focusing on nuclear and extended families.(

Nuclear family is a group that consist of only a father , mother , and their children ,who share the living quarters. Nuclear families can be of any size, as long as there are only children and two parents.(www. nuclear family .com)

Extended family is an immediate family members living together with extra nuclear members such as grandparents ,aunts ,uncles ,cousins ,nieces and nephews. The term extended family has several distinct meanings. First, it is used synonymously with consanguineous family or joint family .Second ,in societies dominated by the conjugal family or nuclear family ,it is used to refer to kindred who does not belong to the conjugal family . Often there could be many generations living under the same roof ,depending on the circumstances.(www. extended family .com )

Nuclear family

As it is stated before that nuclear family consist of only father , mother and their children, who share living quarters. Nuclear family can be of any size , as long as there are only children and two parents.

Advantages of Nuclear family

• It keeps family away from other atomic families first which avoid stress and discomfort.

• It has a stable environment :children raised in a family with the same parents during their growing years have a higher likelihood of having stability in their relationship and emotional bonding.(www.nuclear family/

• Behavioural stability : with both the father and mother children get a better sense of what is acceptable , as far as behaviour is concerned ,especial when both the parents look after their nurturing.(www.nuclear family/

• A sense of consistency : when children grow up in nuclear family ,they get a sense of consistency, especially when it also includes closeness with other members of the family such as grandparents ,aunts etc.(www.nuclear family /

• The nuclear family satisfies sexual needs and diminishes the disruptive force of sexual competition.( Marvin Harris ,1988: 308)

• The nuclear family guarantees the protection of the female during her long pregnancy and during the months and the years of lactation.(Marvin Harris ,1988 : 308)

• The nuclear family is essential for enculturation. Only the co resident adult man and woman possess knowledge adequate for the enculturation of children of both sexes.(Marvin Harris ,1998 :308)

• It also provide them with learning skills as children usually get far extensive training in life skills living in a nuclear family. For instance ,mother s usually teach their children relationship skills, like emotional response skills and how to have smooth relations with others ,while fathers ,in general , teach their children handwork skills, like fixing things around the...
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