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Ethics is a set of moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. So what does ethical conduct actually imply? When one acts in ways which are consistent with our beliefs (whether secular or derived from a moral authority) we characterize that as acting ethically. When one’s actions are not congruent with our values - our sense of right, good and just - we will view that as acting unethically. Defining what is ethical is not an individual exercise however. If it were then one could have argued that what Hitler or Osama Bin Laden did was ethical since their actions conformed to their definition of right, fair and good. The ethics of our decisions and actions is defined socially, not individually. This article is going to be an account of my personal experiences in Bihar on the ethical conduct of their residents and in particular their leaders. I am born and brought up in Bihar and have a very comparatively better understanding of the people over here than the people outside Bihar. And I must say that there is a slight wrong impression of the people of Bihar on the people of other parts of India. My opinions may vary from other people but here is an account of my understanding of the people of Bihar and their ethical conduct in the state. While some of the aspects of ethical conduct in Bihar is too encouraging but some needs greater attention and reform. To start let's talk about the office timings of the officials in government offices. There are a very few instances where the government officials adhere to the official timings. They are usually late in the morning and leave the office earlier than the official timings. This unethical behavior leads to a heavy loss of the public welfare and public service. These government offices are meant to serve the public and if they are not performing their duty as required then it accounts for an unethical conduct...
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