My Experience with Drinking and Driving

Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: March 1, 2010
Dad I…..

“Dad I got a DUI.” When those words finally came out of my mouth I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders but at the same time I felt ashamed and like a giant failure.

It was finally Friday and it had been a long week. I was ready to get home and start priming for the night. I bought an eighteen on the way home from sunmart, the local grocery store. Once I stepped in the door to my apartment I ripped open the case and quickly guzzled that first beer. I kicked off my heavy steel toed boots and rested my feet on the coffee table. By this time I was almost halfway through my second beer. I had a good feeling about the night and I was ready to party.

I looked at my cell phone and it was about five o’clock. I figured that I could use some company so I started dialing. After a few short calls I convinced a couple of friends to come over and relax with me. They loved the fact that I had a fake ID because I could buy them alcohol so they wouldn’t have to spend half of the night wondering how they were going to get something to drink like we used to do in high school all the time. It felt so good to be off of my feet after standing all day at school. It also felt good to have a cold beer in my hand even though I wasn’t old enough to be in possession of alcohol.

My first drink was at the age of 16 but I didn’t become a weekend drinker until I was about seventeen and a half years old. I wasn’t a wild or bad kid by any means, drinking was just something that we as friends did when we hung out. I had been caught drinking one time before by the cops and I ended up getting an MIP out of the deal. I guess an MIP wasn’t enough to get me to stop drinking at that time. I figured that a lot of my friends had them so what the heck, I paid the fine and never told Mom or Dad.

After channel surfing for a while I decided that I better shower before my friends got over, plus I was counting on meeting a girl later in the night...
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