My Experience at the Animal Shelters

Topics: Cat, Animal shelter, Dog Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: February 17, 2011
My experience at the animal shelters

These are my experiences while visiting both animal shelters; first I visited Orange County Animal Services. When I came in I realize there were people standing on line waiting to talk to the clerk to tell her their business in the shelter. While waiting on line I observed this two young girls in front of me very excited that they were adopting a dog, when they got to the clerk they told the clerk that they had choose a dog and were ready to take him home, the first question from the clerk was what’s the cage number, but they didn’t know the cage number So the clerk told the girls to go back and check the cage number, soonest they left it was my turn to tell the clerk my business at the shelter. I told her I was there from school and it seem like she has got a lot of those visits because before I could finish she told me the best way to get around the shelter, so I wouldn’t miss anything. She told me that after I was done to come back to her and she would have a brochure signed and ready for me to take. I started walking down the hall and the first thing I saw was a table with some pictures of what I suppose is people that work or volunteer there, with dogs and cats from the shelter; the table was decorated with some dog or cat toys. I kept walking and started hearing barking I was getting closer to where the dogs are. As the barks from the dogs were getting louder I looked around at the walls of the hallway they had pictures of dogs and cats with their happy owners that had adopted them from the shelter. Almost at the end of the hall there was a whole wall of pictures with dogs that were missing from their owners, they all looked so happy in the pictures I counted 18 pictures of dogs that were missing from their owners, after I had reviewed and counted the pictures of the missing dogs. I continued walking down the hall and got to the first door because there are two doors to get to the actual place where the dogs...
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