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1. Analyze Learners

A. What are learners’ general characteristics?
* Name of school: SMP Unggulan Al-Yasini Kraton
* Class/ semester: VII / 2
* The number of student: 41 students
* Subject: English
* Skill: Listening
* Level: Intermediate
* Age: The age range 13 to 15 years old
* Gender : The group is evenly split between the sexes (Men and Women) * Previous college: Elementary School
* Socio-economic considerations: Most of the learners are from welfare households * Cultural characteristics: Learners’ characteristics are active, curious, Talkative, less knowledge in listening, lack motivation in English , less knowledge in how introduce theirselves, and self confidence. B. What are the entry competencies?

Incoming knowledge / competencies:
1. Learners understand how to introduce him/herself to other person 2. Learners respond the meaning of transactional and interpersonal conversation to interact with closest environment which engage about how to introduce him/herself to other person 3. Learners are able to listen the pronunciation how to introduce him/herself to other person well

C. What are the learners’ learning styles?
Learners are comfortable with materials, measuring and following multiple step instructions. The learners prefer being assessed on what they can produce and show rather than placing answers on paper. The learners are eager to learn if they are able to get up and move around. The learning styles are audio and visual, and kinesthetic style.

2. State Objective

1. At the end of this course (module), the learners will be able to: * Identify the parts of introduction
* Introduce her/himself to other person
* Write about his/her own personal identity
* Answer oral tasks
* Find the meaning of the words related the theme in a group or pairs about the theme * Listen well the pronunciation about how to Introduce her/himself to other person 2. Conditions of performance : Conditions for the behavior, what tools or materials will they use to demonstrate mastery. Students are allowed to use a dictionary to find the meaning of each words, notes or an outline when writing an essay.

3. Degree of acceptable performance
Cognitive Domain, Affective Domain, Psychomotor Domain and Interpersonal Domain. The seventh grade students are able to introduce her/him self orally in front of the class, while the others listen what the student talks about. They also can write how to introduce her/him self.

3. Select Methods, Media, and Materials

1. Method
* Presentation
* Discussion
* Small group
* Practice
* Production
* Quiz
* Game

4. Media
* Tapes or cassette
* Text book

5. Materials
* Picture
* White board
* Board marker
* Eraser

4. Utilize the media and methods to deliver the modules

* Preview the materials: The instructor must pay attention to the topic that will be learned by the learners first before delivering in the class and during the learning process, the instructor must decide what the appropriate topic for audiences and the aims too. The appropriate topic for seventh students is how to introduce him/her self to other person. * Prepare the materials: The instructor must collect all of the materials and media that are required by the instructor and the learners. She/he must decide the sequence of the materials and the use of media. She/he must use the media first to ensure the condition of media.

Personal Identity
This is Muhammad Arfiza Shahab. He wants to tell about himself. Hello, my friend. I want to introduce myself....
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