My Experience

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Running Head: MY EXPERIENCE 1

My Personal Experience

Joan Boyd

PSY 202

Hillary Locke

December 14, 2012


I. Where am I from?

A. I was born in Chicago IL.

B. Middle child of twelve children

C. Parents moved to make a better life for my family

II. What things do you remember about your childhood?

A. Family having a hard time making ends meet

B. Good times along with the tough times

C. Birthdays and Holidays were special

III. What were you like as a teenager?

A. Pregnant at 16

B. Married at 21

C. My introduction to Jesus Christ

IV. My divorce

A. Life after divorce a new beginning

V. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals?

A. Demonstrating the importance of a college education to my child

B. Becoming an Education coordinator

C. Earning my degree


My Personal Experience

As I reflect upon my life I will describe facts and events believed to have contributed to the person I am today. I like how Merriam Webster’s online dictionary explains experience as something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through. I have encountered difficulties, circumstances, and triumphs that have helped me to grow as a person. I am pursuing a higher education as my future goal. In this paper, I will apply theories from Adult Development and Life Assessment in my explanation of challenges I have faced during childhood to adulthood.

I was born in Chicago, one of six girls and the middle child of twelve. As early as I can remember we worked as a group. We played together and we worked in the garden that my parents made in our back yard. I hated the garden because every time I wanted to go play, I first had pick vegetables out of the garden. I didn’t understand at the time that my parents used the garden to help feed our large family. My dad always worked two jobs; his primary employment was with a company called Central Soya. When my father retired from there we moved to Alabama because the cost of living was cheaper.

We didn’t have a lot of material things like clothes and shoes. My mother would buy tennis shoes from the grocery store and my brothers would be so embarrassed because their friends saw them trying on the shoes in the store. I can remember my dad making me a pair of pants for school; I thought they were the prettiest pair of pants I had ever seen. It was cheaper to make a pair of pants than to buy them.


My parents cut corners any way they could. We may not have had material things but what we did have was love and lots of talent. Not real talent but talent that’s appreciated in a family. On rainy days mom and dad would have us put on a talent show. It was so much fun that we kept the tradition even until adulthood. On birthdays and holidays we would use our talents to entertain mom and dad. Birthdays were especially special because my dad would make me a birthday cake. He was a really good cook and everyone in the neighborhood wanted a piece of his cake.

My sixteenth birthday marked a significant shift in my life. I became pregnant and it was one of the biggest mistakes that started a downward spiral in my life. I hung out with older girls that had children. They were into partying and so called having a good time. Our environment plays a huge role in...

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