My English Experience

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My English 1020 Experience
English 1020 was a challenge to me because I only like writing about topics of my choosing. I love to write about different topics, but literature expands more than our personal opinion. I say it was challenging because I was required to write about subjects that I really wasn’t interested in writing about. Writing papers can be challenging, exciting, and interesting at the time. English has always been my strong point, but English 1020 didn’t go as well as I had planned. I could have done better with more preparation. I approached English with the mindset that it would be easy.

I found English 1020 challenging because I was never required to put so many sources in my papers. Founding sources can be hard because the research that comes with finding them. In the past I was required to find sources, but I knew nothing about finding scholarly sources. Finding sources as if citing your information, but it takes a great bit of time. Writing research papers take a lot of time and effort. I hate the work that comes with research papers because I always have to found more than one source.

Researching can be exciting if I’m writing about subjects that interest me. I would love to write about sports, politics, and love. These three subjects interest me. I played football in high school, and I want to be an attorney that’s why I’m interested. Everybody can relate to being in love at some point of time in their life. I love writing about those things because they relate to my life.

English 1020 were interesting to me because my 1010 English class was strict, but I passed with a B average. English 1020 were difficult, but I thought I would adjust but it just got harder as time increased. The next English class that I attend I’m going to work harder and strive for the best. School is supposed to make me a better person and I will make the most of my opportunity. I love attending college because I know it will better my...
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