My Dreams in the 21st Century

Topics: 21st century, Mainland China, China Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: August 6, 2002
My dreams in the 21st century

When I was a child, year 2000 seemed to be a faraway future to me. I still remember how excited and proud was I when my primary school teacher told us that our country would realize the Four Modernizations in the end of this century. She also encouraged that great task of making our motherland a more powerful nation would fall upon our shoulders. We were the trans-century generation. As I grew up, I experienced our country¡¯s overwhelming changes. Like millions of others, my family was benefited from the economic growth. I witnessed the handover of Hong Kong. The dream of my parents¡¯ generation has greatly turned into reality, yet the greater part of their dream is still a dream. History treats each generation fairly. It grants the honor to our parents. It leaves us an honorable responsibility. At the threshold of the new millenium, the torch is passed to our hands. Though china has developed quite fast in the past 20 years, she still remains in the category of the underdeveloped nations. It is my dream that one day she will have the ticket for the club of the richest. Though Hong Kong and Macau has been taken over smoothly by the central government and the mainland has finally reunited, the reunion of the Chinese family has a long way to go, in that someone is plotting to separate Taiwan from the motherland. It is my dream that one day there will be a bridge over Taiwan Strait which leads the lost son back home. Though China was an ancient civilization which once contributed a lot to mankind, we could not deny that her pace was far slower than that of the rest of the world in recent centuries. It is my dream that one day she will be the model of the world once again through learning to be a modest learner. It is said that people¡¯s intangible dreams have tangible effects on the world. I would rather say that no matter how intangible these dreams seem to be, they will be sure to realize through our tangible efforts.
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