My Dream World

Topics: Dream, Dreaming, Psychology Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: April 25, 2012
My Dream World
When thinking about a “ quality world ” I think of everything going right and being perfect. I think of having money, having a good job, raising a family, and most importantly, happiness. Everybody has a world where they would want everything to go their way and have everything they need. So we try to get as close as we can to that fantasy by setting goals for ourselves. Some of my ideas of a perfect world seems they could be reached if I stay focused and worked hard. My dream job would be playing basketball in the NBA. Like every little kid, I have been dreaming about it since I was young. I would love to be in the highest level of basketball playing for millions. But what is success when you have no one to share it with? Therefore, I have to have a perfect wife. I want someone that is fun to hangout with but can also be serious at the right time. She has a passion about something like I do. Also does not like to argue and fighting all the time. As for me being perfect, the only thing I would change about myself is my shyness. I have missed out on a lot because trait and I would be a whole other person if I wasn’t shy. These type of ideas people have on their minds and try to always reach them. There are plenty barriers I would have to face in order to get to my dreams or goals. The most common obstacle everyone has the face is competition. My dream job is based on the fact that other players want my spot. Even if I got the spot I would have to compete just to keep it. The other barrier would be to overcome any laziness that may come. Its easy to sit around on the couch and not do anything. Any person that is lazy gets nowhere in life and has nothing to show for it. The way I am going to overcome my barriers is hard work, persistence, and patience. If I stick to these three strategies, my dreams are going to be closer than I think. Sometimes we can not get everything we want out of our dream world. At least we set high expectations...
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