My Dream Job

Topics: Software engineering, Cooperative education, University Pages: 2 (946 words) Published: February 4, 2015
My Dream Job – The Pathway
The Program
Software engineering applies the fundamental concepts and principles of both computer science and engineering in order to create, operate, and maintain software systems. The University of Waterloo offers a software engineering program in which one can earn a Bachelor of Software Engineering degree (BSE). This program is offered jointly by the school’s Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics, and is recognized as both an engineering and computer science undergraduate program. This specific program offered at Waterloo is a co-op program where attending students alternate between four-month study terms at school and four-month work terms at various businesses, industries, or the government. While on work terms, one can experience the practical concepts which are applied in the real world, and also earn a salary at the same time, helping to finance one’s education. Due to the work terms, the overall time it takes to complete this program is about four years and eight months, and while this may seem longer than other programs offered at other schools, a person graduating this program would have an edge in the software industry as they would be graduating with two full years of work experience and pay. The cost of attending this program for the four years is around $94,480, which includes all expenses. In order to be accepted into the university, one must have taken fundamental courses for software engineering such as: Advance Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Chemistry, Physics, and English. Courses such as Computer Science is recommended, as it is necessary to have a background in programming in order to be admitted, as well as having an average starting in the low nineties and obtaining a minimum grade of seventy percent in all mandatory courses. The School

The University of Waterloo opened in 1957, with seventy-four students, and with the intention of educating people to tackle on the world’s most daunting...
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