My Dream House

Topics: Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Romeo and Juliet characters


• Romeo — sole heir to the Montague fortune
• Lord Montague — Romeo’s father
• Lady Montague — Romeo’s mother
• Benvolio — Romeo’s cousin
• Balthasar — Romeo’s faithful servant
• Abraham — Montague servant


• Juliet — sole heir to the Capulet fortune
• Lord Capulet — Juliet’s father
• Lady Capulet — Juliet’s mother
• Tybalt — Juliet’s cousin
• The Nurse — Juliet’s faithful Nurse
• Peter — Capulet servant
• Sampson — Capulet servant
• Gregory — Capulet servant

Peripheral characters

• Friar Lawrence — friend and advisor to Romeo and Juliet • Mercutio — Romeo’s best friend; Prince’s kinsman • Prince Escalus — Prince of Verona; kinsman to Mercutio and Paris • Paris — Loves Juliet

• Rosaline — Romeo’s first love who never actually appears in the play • Friar John — Friar Lawrence’s friend
• Apothecary — Romeo’s acquaintance in Mantua
Sampson and Gregory, two Capulet servants, discuss how much they despise the Montague family. The two make puns about how they would like to defeat the Montague men and sexually conquer the Montague women. Their banter is interrupted when they spot two Montague servants. Gregory and Sampson try to determine the best way to begin a fight without being held accountable, and Sampson decides to bite his thumb at the Montagues. As this is considered a strong insult, Abraham and Balthasar, the two Montague men, take offense and begin a verbal quarrel. Benvolio from the Montague side sees this fight and draws his sword to force peace upon both parties. When Tybalt from the Capulet side sees this, he draws his own sword and informs Benvolio that he hates peace as much as he hates all Montagues. A widespread fight breaks out and Lords Capulet and Montague attempt to enter the fray. Their wives force them to stay out of the brawl, a command which is soon reinforced by Prince Escalus. The...
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