My Dream Home

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This Is My Dream Home
As I go to my estate in Malibu California were my dream house is located. I get to see a quick peek of my home. It is really big and is one of the biggest homes in the area. My private helicopter landed on the helicopter pad on my dream house. I get out of my helicopter quickly and start to walk through a path that leads to my home. I walk anxiously to see the home that I will be residing for the rest of my life. All around me are the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. It was so peaceful that all you could hear are birds chirping and the maid watching her football game and waves crashing into the earth. As I continue to walk along the path set out for me I begin to see the entrance to my beautiful home.

My dream house that I designed when I was twenty years old was more than I expected. My home is a four story’s and is twelve thousand two hundred fifty one square feet home on a beautiful thirty acre lot. As I approach the entrance to my home there are four huge columns that I imported from Europe, led to the most elegant doors that I had ever seen. They are made of a special wood also imported from Europe and had the special knockers that are in most movies. The frame and the handle and knocker of the door are made of silver. As I continue to look around the home I see three windows that overlook the entrance to my home, there are grey window shutters on each window throughout the house. As I continue to see my dream home I stop and enjoy the view. I see the waves of the Pacific Ocean. As I look inside I see a mosaic self portrait of me, it is eight feet long and is easily visible from the ocean sand. I paid five thousand dollars for the portrait which I felt was worth it. The homes walls’ are made of stucco and are painted white with some blue in it.

As I walk into my back yard I see the best things that any man would ever want in their home. Well not everything! I walk into my yard...
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