My Dream Computer

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My Dream Computer

My dream computer consist of two flat screen LCD monitors, subwoofer,

Speakers, touch screen key board with mouse, it will have a modem and a

Tower. Although I would like for it to be 3d but when I did the research I couldn’t

Find anything that had 3d on it. I want people to be able to come over and

Experience the surround sound and the best quality picture there is.

I found a flat screen monitor it is a 30 inch Black 7ms IPS- Dell ultra

Sharp U3011 Swivel adjustable screen. It cost 1299.99.(times 2) Its display is

Nice and the picture is very clear almost 3d but it will do. I have included the a

Motorola surfboard SBS1010 cable modem high speed USB/ Fast Ethernet the

Cost $42. This is used for the internet which I will definitely have so that way

I can check my email, face book, etc. I looked into computer towers also I
Had found a pretty cool one its an AZZA Solano 1000R Black/Red Japanese

SECC Steel Meta mesh in front ATC full tower computer case. ( cost 114.99)

A dual BP1204 12inch 1100 Watt Illumination Band Pass Subwoofer

($136.99), Cyber Acoustic CA 3602 Platinum 2.1-CH Pc multimedia speaker

Sytem. ($40.98) Logitech wireless touch key board and mouse ($39.99).

These are the accessories that I have chosen to put my computer together. I am

In the process of how computers work so Im not very computer orientated.

Starting from the bottom up for me or actually building my dream

Computer is a lot more difficult for me than I thought it would. So I researched

All the things that I wanted to include into my computer. I am starting with the

Flat screen monitors connecting the tower and the modem to it so that way I Can get internet on it. I am also connecting the keyboard to the monitors, I will

Be connecting the subwoofers and speakers to tower that I have found.

My computer is somewhat high tech but hopefully it will work. Its surround...
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