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SCIE 203
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1. List the 8 industries that are a part of the process industry.

2. List the 3 types of pollution found in the processing industry.

3. Match the following hazard types with their associated agent.

_____ Chemical
_____ Physical
_____ Ergonomic
_____ Biological

a. A piece of equipment that operates at a noise level over 80 decibels.

b. Prolonged work at a computer

c. Resin Dust

d. Lack of potable water at a work site

4. Match the following scenarios with the most likely route of entry that a hazardous agent will take.

_______ A process technician fails to wear a respirator when dumping lead oxide into a mixer. _______A glass filled with kerosene is accidentally mistaken as a glass of water. _______ A medical technician fails to properly sterilize syringes that will be used for vaccinations. _______ A leaking container of mercury is handled by a worker who is not wearing any personal protection equipment.

a. Injection
b. Inhalation
c. Absorption
d. Ingestion

5. Briefly describe the difference between lethal dose and lethal concentration.

6. List the four characteristics of acute effects/exposures.

7. Which of the following adequately describe the relationship of doses and responses?

a. Acute effect, dose threshold, and lethal determinant
b. Concentration, duration of exposure, and constant
c. Chronic effect, concentration and dose threshold
d. (T) x (K) = C

8. The minimum dose required to produce a measurable effect is known as:

a. a lethal dose
b. a lethal concentration
c. the dose threshold
d. an acute exposure

9. List the four characteristics of chronic effects/exposures.

10. Match the following hazardous materials with the route it would most likely take to enter the human body.

____ Injection
____ Inhalation
_____ Absorption
_____ Ingestion

a. Aerosols
b. Radiation
c. Pesticides
d. Blood Borne Pathogens

11. Name 2 acids and 2 bases.

12. What are the 4 requirements identified by OSHA HAZCOM standard regarding the communication of chemical hazards:

13. List the types of classifications of hazards.

14. List the 5 common biological hazards that a process technician might face:

15. List the 4 early symptoms of HBV.

16. List 9 symptoms of HIV.

17. List the 6 most common ways HIV and HBV can be transmitted.

18. List the universal precaution:

19. List the 7 sources that can be used to power equipment.

20. ___________________ protects workers from the potential release of uncontrolled energy by isolating equipment from its energy source using locks, chains, and tags.

21. __________________ occurs when electrons in a current flow find additional unwanted paths for current flow, outside of the intended circuit or conductor, and flow to it.

22. List the 2 main types of electrical hazards.

23. List 3 factors that determine the seriousness of shock and the extent of injury.

24. _____________ is the process by which substances combine with oxygen to release heat energy through the act of burning.

25. ____________ is a type of combustion that results from a self-sustaining chemical reaction.

26. ___________ is a sudden increase in heat energy, released in a violent burst.

27. List the 3 elements referred to as a fire triangle.

28. Match the National Fire Code:
____ Flammability
____ Health
____ Reactivity
____ Special information

a: Yellow
b: Blue
c: Red
d: White

29. List the 5 types of chemical explosions.
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