My Dream

Topics: English-language films, Black-and-white films, Need to know Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: April 3, 2013
[Spar would be standing facing Simon from the left, while Simon appeared to be struggling. Spar walks over and punches him across the face, a smug grin coming across his face] Spar: "You are suppose to be MY opponent?! Don't make me laugh." Spar: "I've seen and killed tougher people then you, some of them having seen the world before the great disaster struck it." Simon: "And you... think you are better then others?"

[A screen pops up with the following words 'They were born to battle for a new world...'] Spar: "I don't think I know. I DO know!'
Spar: "I am the one who strikes first, I am the one who shows no mercy to my enemies! I will become the hero everyone shall look up to! I am the LEADER who will rule over a new world!" Simon: "You are no hero... You are just another savage."

[Another screen pops up here with the following words 'Destiny has forced them to become enemies...'] [At this, Spar punches Simon and knocks him back, walking over to him once he is sent back.] Spar: "And that is why you will fall... You NAMED us that! Just because we do not agree with your rules!" Spar: "I lured you here to see if you are worthy to fight me! But now I see you for the coward you are!" Simon: "You don't even know my name!"

Spar: "I don't need to!"
Spar: "I just need to know how you died!!!"
[A screen pops up with the following words 'It has left them to decide the fate of a world in ruins...'] [Simon gains a red aura and Spar is pushed back, stopping himself as he growls at Simon, as Simon gets back up and looks him dead in the eyes] Simon: "I do not fight for the fun of it. . ."

Simon: "I do not fight to kill. . ."
Simon: "I fight to protect those who call my name!"
Simon: "And if I must show you just how I fight... Then I will." Spar: ". . .Then quit talking..."
[The two then rush at each other, both of them punching each other once as two punch sounds play at the same time, the screen going black as the sounds slowly grow...
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