My Dream

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I consider myself as an all-rounder and a very competitive person. I excel well academically as much as active in sports. My passion, determination and perseverance in the face of difficulties and challenges have helped me well throughout my schooling days. I am a natural leader as well as a team player, and thus I am equally comfortable with individual’s or groups’ assignments. I am also passionate in helping people and giving back to the community. During my school years, I have participated in many communities’ works and volunteered as a facilitator for activities held by the Counselling Department for junior students. I was also involved in a fundraising carnival held by the school. I am a goal oriented person, thus when I want to achieve something, I will give my best to make it happen. Even if I might not fulfil my goals, I would take pride in knowing that I have given my best efforts to realize it. Perhaps an illustration of such determination is in my choice to take up an account subject for my SPM, despite being a pure science student. I took up accounts as an extra subject because I am interested in the accounting field and managed to score A+ in the subject even though I only had class once a week. I am very passionate about becoming an accountant and see myself in not a too distance future being successful in the field. Hence, I am ever willing to work hard to realize it. The career path that I have chosen will take a lot of investment on my part and that will include, among other things, time and money. Therefore, applying for the Scholarship Award would help me tremendously in pursuing and realising my ambition to be a successful accountant in the future.
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