My Dorm Room

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My Dorm Room
While I was observing my dorm room the emotions were very relaxing and easy going. I noticed that the spatial relation is enough space to feel comfortable, but can talk without having to yell or talk loud to get your point across. We all agree that we need space enough to do work that not everyone has to see. We are usually always online playing a game, studying and watching TV. Being so small of a space, we agree that if you need to study and it is too loud then you need to go to the study room, or if you want to watch a different show there is another TV in the other room. In response to this we do what is said, and there are no problems with going to the study room or the other room. We have a lot of nonverbal behavior, for example if someone has a facial look that is displeasing then we will leave them alone until they either want to talk about it or just want to forget it. And when there are questions asked about wanting to do something usually we all have an agree face or disagree face and nothing more is said about it. Since it is so small of a space we usually don’t have to explain where to put things, so we either point or just stare at the place to put things or do something. The verbal interaction is usually just about when do we want to eat and whether we want to work out, or play basketball and when. Our individual needs are respected and are known to all the roommates. The overall perspective of the dorm is the best dorm on campus. We tell the truth, even when we lie. Meteorology Meeting

I thought it was going to be more of a boring experience and nothing fun. The spatial agreement is that you can speak but in turn and not when other people are speaking and of course you sit in a seat. Overall emotion of the meeting is happy and exciting. Formal norms are basically information on internships and job offerings they have out for meteorological studies and fun conferences and activities to do. We respond to these norms by going to the...
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