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My Dog

By keyonna15 Sep 23, 2013 642 Words
One day in 2010 I was brave enough to adopt a pet. I remember when I walked into the shelter it was really funky because of all the different animal scents but I wasn’t going to let a smell stop me from what I came for. After walking up the first 3 isles I couldn’t find any dog that I really wanted until I walked down the last isle last cage and saw the most beautiful dog in the world a black golden retriever mixed and lab with a white belly. When she looked into my eyes I knew I had to take her home so I did. Her name was Sasha but called her sha-sha for short, she got uses to that name really quick. Whenever you call her she would run to you and turn around and shake her butt because she didn’t have a tail they chopped it off for some reason but that was her favorite thing to do. She also loved to jump up on two legs and lick on my arm and face but she wasn’t always this loving she was very shy and depress but I am happy she broke out of that stage. Sasha was a very unique and weird dog but I loved her to death. You know when you first get a dog the first couple of weeks you walk the dog and don’t want them to go anywhere but after a while you let them run around on their own well I was the opposite, sha- sha didn’t like to be tied down I knew that when I adopted her. So one day I took her off her leash and she took off I was so scared because I didn’t know if she was coming back home, 30 minutes later she was back and at that point when she came back I knew she knew where home was. They day she got hit my heart almost failed. Normally when I let her loose she usually runs around the neighborhood with dog next door but not that day she had other plans. When I took her off the leash she took off and at the moment I felt something was going to go wrong and it did. As she sprinted around the corner she has an encounter with a car. I guess the car didn’t have enough time to stop because you could hear the brakes screech and Sasha scream. I ran around the corner and there she was with a broken leg” thank god” is what I shouted I was so blessed that she wasn’t dead. I picked her up and took her in the house to wrap her leg and since it was a Saturday afternoon I had to wait a whole day to take her to a vet. Monday came I just ended up taking her back to the shelter cause I didn’t have the money for a vet. Letting her go was the hardest thing to do but at least I knew she would get the help she needed. The love I had for Sasha was unconditional she was my first pet I ever had I missed all the great times we had together and I wish she didn’t have to go back to the shelter. Even the dog from next door still comes to my house to see if she came back. Some days I would drive up in the drive way and call her name but after a second I realize she’s not there anymore or I would go outside and wait for her to run to me turn around and wag her butt then reality hits. Whoever adopts her next I hope they treat her kind because she is a great dog who just needs love.

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