My Deviant Behavior

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My Deviant Behaviour
Deviant behaviours are acts that differ from the accepted norms of the society. Everyone has their own kinds of deviant behaviour, and they are achieved through experiences, heredity, and socialization. My deviant behaviours will be stated through this essay as what has been observed by others and me. I was raised by my loving mother and my adorable father, who is working abroad. Although they are separated, I was filled with love and caring from the both of them. I have one sister which is five years younger than I am. But still, I was longing for togetherness of the family. I want my family to be one, which is almost impossible to do. This is why I get jealous of families that are together. Although I am happy, there’s still something that is missing. I feel like the attention I get from them is not enough because they’re too busy with their own different lives instead of having one life with their children. But still, I’m very thankful with the family I have.

My mannerisms are nail biting, pouting my lips when I get mad, and many more. My friends say that I am like a child; I think it’s because of the way I act, really like a little girl. I have fear of heights which I only discovered recently. When it comes to vices, I don’t have any. Except that I eat too much sweet like ice cream, chocolates and cake. I have excessive addiction to those kinds of foods. As for my most deviant behaviour, I have more friends that are boys rather than girls. Except for the fact that I’m almost the only girl in class, I find them easy to be with, also fun. Rather than girls that are moody and complicated, though I have friends that are girls, there are only few of them. That’s why other people may spread gossips whenever they see me with my friends. It doesn’t really matter. As long as I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m happy. Deviant behaviour is determined by the judger. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means that the one who...
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