My Day at School

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When The Mail Came I….

It was a normal day at school. As always my morning was hectic and I was almost late. I dressed in the first thing I could find clean in my room. I had to walk to school, which wasn’t all that bad because it was a warm spring morning. I got to school and it felt like it was going to be a long day. Everyone felt that way. There was a feeling of anxiousness in every class. Finally, it was the last block. Some kids did the same old bathroom trip to kill time. While the people who really had to “go” had to wait for the procrastinators to come back. All of a sudden everything seemed quiet. Someone got up and packed their belongings to get out of school, but to everyone’s disappointment there was still five minute left in the day. 4 minutes…time dragged on…3 minutes….and on 2 minutes whoever made the rule to get out at 2 O’clock anyway?? OH MY GOSH 1 minute!! Just then the principal came on the intercom saying to everyone he wished us a happy and safe summer! *DING* *DING* *DING* the bell rang and a quick quiet breath of relief came and went in an instant. A few screams of joy echoed in the halls! SCHOOL WAS OUT!!! I’m finally out for good. There was a joy and sadness feeling floating around. I was so excited I nearly tripped over my own feet heading towards the door.
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