My Day as Newspaper Boy

Topics: Newspaper, Printing, Journalism Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: October 9, 2011
My day as a news paper boy
At 4:12 a.m., while the residents of Sabarmati, motera slept soundly through a cool September night, I took a rolled-up Times of india in my hand, aimed for the balcony of an apartment, and flung it end over end into the dark air. I could hear it hit, smack . When the people inside the house awakened, their paper would be waiting. I don’t work as a paper boy and my presence on the lightless and silent streets of motera was due to a challenge I took up when my group was asked to make a project on newspaper delivery management , and thus i landed the job as paperboy. `I have a newspaper route for the motera stadium road ,`` kannu mayuria, a paperboy working part time, told me. ``When I tell people that I deliver papers, they often laugh and ask what i do for rest of the day , but actually it is a very important service. Without it, no one will get there morning paper , and those reporters will not have any job . Kannu pointed out that all of those who write the stories for the paper, take the photographs, edit the copy and lay out the pages would be doing so in a vacuum were it not for the people who wake up in the middle of the night and deliver the papers to the readers on the other end. Unlike television, newspapers need middlemen and middlewomen to take the completed news product and get it to the homes of the customers it is intended for. So far, no one has invented a high-tech alternative to human newspaper deliverers. I have to confess this i met kannu a day before in the evening to get details of his daily routine , so i don’t have to wake up in the morning, but he suggested that I come out some night and do it myself. I might learn something. So i did, in this project my colleagues were doing lot of important work Or at least they had been, a few hours ago; now most of them were presumably asleep. Moving ahead we were delivering paper at steady pace i was in awe of kannu’s throwing abilities, when i saw him throw paper in...
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