My Daughters Have No Mother
Topics: Sexual orientation, Family, Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse, Heterosexuality, Bisexuality / Pages: 3 (575 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2011

In article My Daughters Have No Mother, author Max Mutchnick describes his feelings and opinions about the experience having a baby carried by a donor. Author particularly writes about homosexuals having their own baby. Feelings that are involved in homosexual individuals question themselves if they are normal or if they are like everyone else (Mutchnick).
Heterosexual couples that cannot have baby might question themselves too “if they are like everyone else”. Concerns that are in their minds could be partially solved by surrogate mother program. Many individuals or couples are not blessed to have their own children because of their health issues or sexual orientation. In homosexual world, I agree with author that it might be hard for children that have surrogate mother. Raised by two men since a child is born might become very frustrating for that child later on in life when he or she will realize that something does not match other families. Author realizes that he will face this problem with his children when he will have to explain where their mother is and who she is. These questions will be asked one day and author knows that it could change his future relationship with his daughters. “Our daughters will never kiss her. She is everything…and nothing. Oh my god, my daughters have no mother!”(Mutchnick). Author calls a surrogate mother an “oven” because he cannot call her “V139K2”. That made me think a lot about these women that would carry a child for someone else. It’s strictly a business for being a donor! Don’t tell me that women who do that several times are doing it from their hearts or from being sorry for those that can’t have a baby. I agree with author that the idea of being in this world without no mother is crazy! What can we do about it? Well it’s hard to know the right answer since we live multi sexual world where people have different sexualities and different lifestyles.

Cited: Mutchnick, Max. My Daughtes Have No Mother. The Huffington Post, February 27, 2009.

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