My Dad

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My dad is my inspiration and has been for years. He’s always there for me when something is wrong and gets at me when I do something wrong. He is a firefighter which is what I’ve always wanted to do. My inspiration for my dad started when I was 5. We played catch in the backyard every day and I promised that I would be as good a father as he was to me, to my kids someday.

He is very humble and never takes anything for granite. He tells me that he loves me every day doesn’t wait until I’m gone. He takes as many overtimes that he can get, just so that he can pay for our house and our cars. He has gotten me all the baseball stuff I need and has always been supportive in my decisions. He never forces me to play any sports I don’t want to or take a class I don’t want to.

We have a relationship that Isn’t like a lot of teenagers. We’re like best friends, I couldn’t do it without him. We watch Ultimate Fighter and fight nights together and hang out sometimes. As much as he looks out for me I look out for him. When he’s sick I ask him how he’s doing, because we care about each other. A lot of my friends think It’s cool to be mean to their parents or don’t like them. Then they ask do you hate your parents? I say no, I love them and you should love yours to. Deep down each parent cares, they just show it in a different way, sometimes harder, sometimes easier. My dad is one of the easier people to read.

My Mom is a very supportive person to. My mom has also supported all of my decisions. I will admit my mom cant toss as well as my dad but she’s still great. I remember when I was thirteen I went to Indiana for a state baseball tournament and It was the best moments of my life. I was named one of the all state baseball players, the feeling was phenomenal. I couldn’t have done that without my dad, my inspiration to play baseball and to never quit in life.

He has tought me character more than anything. I was a really cocky baseball player in 6th -7th grade and I

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