My Cultural Identity Analysis

Pages: 3 (545 words) Published: October 9, 2017

Until today, I never put much thought into my culture identity, I had always thought that I was Mexican and that was it, there is nothing more to it. My parents who are fully Mexican have always taught me that my culture is very important. They always told me that, my culture is one of the things that make me stand out from the rest. I never saw it as something important, because I thought culture was just your race and nothing more. I only ever thought that I was a girl who came from a Mexican background and was born and raised in America. Now I see that my cultural identity makes me who I am, a Mexican-American woman. My culture is very big on food, it is one part that makes it known to others, music and religion are also very important in my culture, they tell a story, more importantly they tell my story....

From where my parents are from the music styles of cumbias, corridos and bachata are well known. When you grow up to those music styles it's very interesting. Although the styles are very different they all tell a story, either in what they say or how they are danced. The music tells the story of my culture and it is told in such a way that people enjoy it and teaches others so they can know my story and the way I grew up and what makes me and my personality different from the rest. The music that best tells the story of my culture is corridos and they usually come from the history of the culture or everything that is going on in the present. Musicians take all of that and make a song that tells a story and people can...
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