my cousin vinny

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First let me start off by saying that the movie My Cousin Vinny is a classic movie and is a good comedy. With that being said I think this movie did a good job of giving people a little taste of the insight that actually goes into the criminal justice system. Throughout this essay I will be explaining how the way the movie portrayed the Criminal justice system is wrong and right in some cases. Along with that I will put in my two senses on how the situation would or should have been handled in our present time in day. This movie is based around Billy and Stan being accused of a murder at a gas station in Alabama.

Now let’s start with the very first thing that caught my eye in this movie. When Billy Gambinni and Stan Rothenstien are pulled over by the police officer leaving the Sac-o-Suds, they think they are being pulled over because of the can of tuna that Billy accidentally stole. The officer immediately draws his weapon upon exiting his vehicle and yells for them to “show me your hands! Show me your hands! Get them up! Up! Up! Now put your hands on your head and get out of the car!” Now at first I thought that officer was in the wrong. Later on you find out that they were thought to be the murders that just killed Mr. Jimmy Willis, the clerk at the gas station Sac-o-Suds. After finding out this knowledge the police officer has every right purse Billy and Stan the way he did. He had more than enough probable cause to handle the situation the way he did. The police officer also has no idea if the 357 Magnum Revolver is on the two kids or not. The next difference I picked up on would be that when the two teens were brought in for their booking process they were never read their Miranda rights. Although Sherif Farley does ask if he is aware of his rights before he started to talk to Billy. Towards the end of the questioning Billy realizes he is being accused of murder and not stealing a can of tuna. During this process according to our text they were not...
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