My Cousin Vinny

Topics: Murder, My Cousin Vinny, Automobile Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: November 19, 2010
In the movie, my cousin Vinny, Billy and his friend Stan were driving through a town. Accidentally neglect to pay for a can of tuna after shopping at a convenience store. After they leave the store the clerk is shot and killed and Billy and Stan, who match the descriptions of the murderers given by witness, they got pulled over and detained in connection with the murder. Billy ends up being charged with murder and Stan is charged with as an accessory. Someone calls Billy mother, who tells her son that there is an attorney in the family, which is Billy’s cousin Vinny, who is willing to take the case. Vinny manages to fool the tril judges, about being experienced enough to take the case. After Vinny’s poor showing at the hearing Billy and Stan decide to fire him and use a public defender. Vinny ask for one more chance to prove himself, the trail opens with Vinny and the public offender representing Stan. He despite some of his mistakes such as sleeping through the attorney’s opening statement and wearing a improper suit to court. He shows that he can make up for ignorance that he was using in the court room. Vinny gets mad at Lisa because of the usefulness of the wide angle photographs of the tire tracks, then Lisa gets mad leave out leaving Vinny alone. However he sits back and realizes that the photo actually holds the key to the case. After reviewing the marks from the tire that they think Billy’s car could have been used for the getaway. Even though Vinny is mad at Lisa and Lisa is Mad at Vinny. He now needs Lisa because she is an expert at automobiles to testify to this. Vinny then recalls the FBI analyst who agrees with Lisa that Billy’s car did not produce the tracks. At the end the DA dismiss the charges against Billy and Stan because there was a similar car to Billy’s such as the same color and same car at the time of the appearance.
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