My Cousin

Topics: Debut albums, Eddie Vedder, Family Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 18, 2011
My Cousin Kendall
He loved me like a sister and thought of me like I was his best friend. But he was my cousin; this is how Kendall treated me. We were more than just your everyday family member that you talked to occasionally. I have so many good memories of our child hood. We were inseparable and he has made me the person I am today. To mention a few qualities that made him special to me are that he was outgoing, generous, and definitely ambitious. First of all, Kendall was a very outgoing person. This part of him made him very easy to get along with. He would call me at the spur of the moment and say “I’m thinking about heading to Ohio, so pack up girl!” So I would pack up all my stuff and within an hour he would be in my grandmother’s yard to pick me up. While we were on our trip he would be ready to do anything, like go to clubs, trying different foods, and would strike a conversation with anyone that was willing to listen. Second of all, Kendall was not only outgoing, he was also very generous. He would give you the clothes of his back if he knew someone needed them more than he did. One day I bought a toddler’s jungle gym and I had no way to get it home. I called Kendall and asked him to take me and he was at my house in a matter of minutes. He took me all the way to get it and we couldn’t fit it in his car because he had his little sister Jessica with him. So he took her all the way back home so there would be room and then took me back to get it. He ended up making two trips and I tried to give him gas money and he wouldn’t dare take it. This is just one example of his generosity. Finally, last but not least, he was a very ambitious person. From the time we were children to adults, we had so many hopes and dreams. We had promised each other that we were going to move to Hawaii when we got old enough to do so. He also had dreams of traveling everywhere and that he sure did! He always wanted to one day open his own beauty salon, so he enrolled into P.J.’s...
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