My Computer

Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Windows XP Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: November 26, 2008
My computer

My computer is a machine. Some hardware install in the computer. Like processor, RAM, motherboard, hard Disk, CD Rom. The windows Xp is install on my computer. I think it is best for me because I can easily understand any thing in the operating system. May peoples say Windows Xp it’s a user friendly operating system. I think they say right. Its content media player, typing document software, for the drawing tool Paint, users can easily enjoy, type document and create an artistic drawing.

My profession is Web and desktop application developer, so I uses daily, many time I joint with him. I do work late night. I feel that it’s my part of life, I don’t have loess it Its commodity for me, I don’t want see inclement him.

One of key difference between a developing country and a developed (a.k.a civilized) country is the power management. Electricity has become a basic need, and its unhindered, continuous and smooth supply is the necessity, but in countries like Pakistan, its still a luxury and more or less an elusive dream.

Whether it is the mega city like Karachi or a remote small city like Kohat, the aggravated story of dismal power supply remains the same. Throughout the country, in all the four provinces, in every major or minor city, in every town or village, there nothing exist like solid and robust power supply.

The so-called load-shedding remains the integral part of rural and urban life. It docent even go away in winter, but in the summer, it becomes the thorn in the eye. The abuse and curses WAPDA gets in summer, if written on paper and loaded on Titanic, Titanic wouldn’t require a storm to get drowned.

Hide and seek role played by electricity only irate the consumers more. It not only snatches the mental and physical peace, but also results in massive financial losses in regard of electronic appliances. Frequent power breakdowns have turned lives of people miserable.

Whenever the protests are raised, government’s obstinate...
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