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My College Experience Thus Far

By earlene Sep 27, 2011 491 Words

Earlene Boyd
J. Mendoza
HD 101
September 26, 2011


My college experience so far has been overwhelming with all of getting registered so that I could start getting all of the materials needed to be a successful student. I was worrying about starting assignments without having the essential textbooks needed for class. Everything worked out accordingly and now I’m excited to start your class. To be honest I have walked into the college environment not knowing what to expect but I must say that the staff as well as the students here at TCC have been nice and very helpful. That takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders since I have started college with the mind frame of failing before I even started. The fact that we aren't able to make up quizzes have caused a little anxiety for me because I’m afraid of having low scores, and I would want to raise my score so that I can get the best of grades. The assignments given have been a big challenge for me but I know I can put my mind to anything I just have to pay attention in class, take notes, and stay focused. I'm three days into college and I no longer have the thought of failure on my mind, especially given the knowledge of finding tutors whenever I need the help. The college campus is enormous to me and even though there's campus maps and campus tours I still see myself getting lost but I’m happy I’m able to find my classes so that I won't be late for class. So far I’m doing well and I feel great about college. I've enjoyed the b.b.q and the band that was here on campus, I’m glad to have experienced it. It was refreshing to enjoy good food and some good music. The between high school and college is that college instructors won't keep reminding you to turn in assignments and homework. High schools tend to go by semesters while colleges tend to go by quarters. There are age differences; in high school students are 14-18 and in college, students’ ages range from 16 on up. Another observation I’ve made would be that in college you aren't allowed to make up homework, no extra credit given and there are no retakes on quizzes. In college you are expected to be more responsible and there are no excused absences. A major difference to me between high school and college would be that college courses have more flexibility with scheduling; you pick what time frame you want to go to class; mornings or evenings. Going on to say that the biggest difference is that in high school education is free and in college you have to pay for your tuition, textbooks, as well as school supplies.

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