my city

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I stand over my my city. I protect my city. I love my city.... Ha you might think i,m insane clamming the hole city to be mine, but make no mistake i own the city and all in it... Or so i thought. In the mob sean you have one rule. Dont trust nobody, you make the rules you make the guild lines you make the boundaries to how far your willing to go.. Oh God i dont remember how many of my boundaries i have crossed, Things i would never do, that i have done just to make money. You see my city is run by money it thrives off of money, and if you just happen to go bankrupt in my city, the your tossed out like the garbage you are. My name is Calelin Blake i am, and will always be the ruler of my beautiful city, she,s beautiful ant she? You there? Calelin are you there? Calelin the shipment comes in tonight. Are you ready or not. “Yea im here and where ready” i say to Franky. Whats going on Franky asked? Nothing just zoned out a little thats all, i say. Ok the shipment will be here in thirty be ready, this is where we go big time Calelin said Franky. “I know Franky im ready, everything is set and ready to go all we need now is for the shipment of narcotics to come in to the loading bay and we will be in the big time Franky boy i said”. Just be ready said Franky, then he hung up. The night was a brisk, cold, damp night. The kind of night just for the evils of the city to come out. I walked to the end of the dock just as the shipment was coming in, all our guys got the shipment unloaded and packed and ready to go all i had to do now was drive, then we would be home free.
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