My Christmas and New Year

Topics: Christmas Eve, Christmas, Christmas tree Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: February 25, 2013
My Christmas and New Year

It’s the day before Christmas! I woke up full with Christmas Spirit. My family and me gather around and decorate our house with Christmas wreath, mistletoe, Christmas stockings, and especially the Christmas tree, which is decorated again with beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas light and the star on top. We stayed at home all day until the evening because it took us a quite long time to decorate the whole house. Then we prepare to go to the Church for the Midnight Mass in the Christmas Eve. We’re going to celebrate the birth of Jesus! So at the Church, we pray and praising Him by singing Christmas Carols. I’m so excited that tomorrow is Christmas! So when we get back, I slept early so that I can have enough energy for tomorrow.

I had a really weird dream. It’s about Santa Claus! I used to believe that Santa Claus, the huge man with a big beard who travels around with his sleigh and magic reindeers and delivers presents to children, which are made by the elves in his workshop, really exist. But actually our parents are the one who put the presents under the Christmas tree.

But anyway, then I go to the mall with my mom to shop, because there’s a huge sale going on there. We directly go back to our house, because grandma is going to bake us her special Christmas treats! But my favorite of all is her gingerbread cookies. Mom is also cooking with grandma for our Christmas dinner! The foods are delicious! After eating, we gather around near the fireplace and opening Christmas presents from each other. We also tell Christmas stories while eating grandma’s cookies. But eventually we all have to sleep, and that’s the end of how I spend my Christmas.

But we all have to prepare again for New Year’s Eve! So we bought fireworks, groceries, party hats, New Year’s trumpet, new clothes, and drinks. We are going to do a barbeque at my uncle’s house. All the members of my huge family are going to be there, so I can’t wait for it....
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