My Childhood, My Future

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My Childhood, My Future
I was seven years old when I started to hear the explosions. Soldiers came to each house to search for weapons. As a child living in Baghdad living through a war adversely affected me. The city was very dangerous, so my parents decided to move to another town where all my family gathered together in one big house. My family and I were very frightened by what had happened and what would happen in Baghdad. After a while, when the violence subsided, we returned, but everything was different. Most of the houses had been burned or damaged, and the war made people feel depressed. I was only nine years old at the time, but I still remember everything like it was yesterday. War made my life unsafe and unpredictable. One day, after we moved back to Baghdad, I was on my way home from school when I saw a disgusting, shocking scene. It was a corpse of what seemed to be a teenager. Someone had killed him and thrown him in the dump. This wasn’t the only jolting memory that I have from my life in Iraq. I remember being at home in extremely hot weather, and the city didn’t have any electricity. When I saw someone get killed or about to get kidnapped and I couldn’t help him/her because I might get killed. When the enemy soldiers entered our house in the night without permission to search for weapons and I couldn’t stop them, or when I saw someone crying having lost their child, and I didn’t know what to say to assist them. It is all so realistic, and it is still happening now. Living in a country that has experienced a war has made me realize how nightmarish it really is when you actually live through it. It would be different from what you hear or what you read in books. Even though living through the war was difficult, but it helped me realize why life is important, why I should have goals for my life, and how I should try hard to get my education and be successful. College is the right path to take to achieve my goals for being...
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