My Challenge with English Language

Topics: English language, Dialect, Received Pronunciation Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Problems are a part of life and they mould our lives in turn. Finding solutions to those problems helps us keep moving and can be rewarding, most of the time. One of the problems that I faced in my life and could successfully overcome was getting on with my English skill after I migrated to US in order to settle here permanently. Because, English wasn’t my first language and the American accent was new to me, I had problems conversing with people here. I emigrated from India seven years ago with lots of dreams and the hope to settle in US after marriage. But initially, I was shy talking to people here as I couldn’t express myself clearly due to insufficient English vocabulary. I also had difficulty understanding people with the unusual American accent and different tonal qualities (both of which I was unfamiliar to). Therefore, I was afraid to go in public and tried to avoid outings. The main cause of this problem was: English, not being my first language and as a foreign national in US, the American accent was unusual to me. In the beginning, I didn’t think about it seriously as I did have some basic knowledge of English, but not a good vocabulary or grasp of American accent. Later, as I was out in a public place like, shopping center, bank, doctor’s clinic, etc., or sometimes had to answer phone calls, I couldn’t find right words at that instant to explain myself clear enough and thus people would think of me as a confused person. I could neither understand clearly what they would say, because of their accent and tone. All this would put me in an embarrassing situation and I started hesitating to go in public. This situation was a big problem for me because English is the primary language of America besides other languages spoken here. It is hard to survive in US if one cannot converse in English or otherwise Spanish, the second most common spoken language in US. From a grocery store to a doctor’s office, meeting different people at different places,...
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