My Career Goal

Topics: Management, Logistics, Employment Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: January 20, 2009
Now the most important thing is my education. If I graduate school I will take the entrance examination in university. But I’m not sure yet what I will study. I was thinking about marketing and management – this is something that interests me and it would be helpful at my work. I would like to speak English perfectly. At my work it is very important to have a good command of this language. Besides it has always been my dream First, my immediate goal is to obtain a masters degree in logistics. A master degree in logistics will provide the opportunity for me to take many courses which will prepare me for the engineering challenges of the work force. Being a part of the Logistics and Logistics Management program at University of Economics is an exceptional opportunity for me to contribute to the on going research in logistics, while providing me with a quality education. I believe that my future career opportunities in mechanical engineering are endless and I look forward to increased knowledge through courses and graduate research at University of Economics. Upon graduation from University of Economics, I plan to, acquire a logistic management position in industry. I hope to work in an environment in which I can my help a company achieve it's goals, as well as an environment that will provide me with personnel growth and development. With my educational background, engineering research experience, cooperative work experience, and desire to learn, I am capable of handling the challenges that the work force will bring. In today globalise fast paced economy; many companies do not have the internal resources necessary to hire the top talents needed to succeed in the marketplace. With the constant pressure to reduce costs and focus on core competencies, many companies are replying on outsource providers.

Identifying, attracting and retaining top talents require a Partner with the resources and vision to proactively match the expertise available in...
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