My Career Development Plan

Topics: Management, Goal, Academic degree Pages: 2 (286 words) Published: September 17, 2009
University of
*College of Governance*, Business & Economics
Department of __
Human Behavior & Resource Management
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reliable Career & Employment Resources here in Davao, and other sources learned to determine my goals and objectives. First, by setting-up my short- term goals to reach my long-term goals.
a manager in a prestigious company, and then decide in a few years I would accomplish in the future.
BACKGROUND I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I have my work background and experiences, if given an opportunity I would make an excellent manager. I knew that I need more management experience that GOAL: Short-term goal - To become a Manager in a prestigious company. C.) OBJECTIVES: To finish my Master’s degree in Business Administration. Attend Career & Development Workshops, Upgrade Computer Skills, Enhance Communication Skills both oral & written.

Target Completion: Ongoing process
Target completion: Ongoing and continuous process.
Begin job search ( update resume, cover letter, prepare for interviews) Target Completion : October 2009 III – IMPLEMENTATION
Some steps that I have learned, I followed and applied them. Some I find it make progress.
Self-Assessment**. Discover your desires and passions. What would you Career Skill Assessment**. This sounds similar to the self-assessment, Setting Your Career Objective**. Now that you understand your choice. Career Development Plan**. The nuts and bolts of planning your career Implement Career Development Plan**. It's action time! If your plan Get the Most Out of your Career**. To get the most out of your new next level. *IV-*LESSON LEARNED/RECOMMENDATION

In general, by planning your career development...
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