my bubble

Topics: Fear, English-language films, Claustrophobia Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Taylor Carrier
Prof. Elle Mooney
English 101
September 12, 2013
My Bubble
When you are a little kid, you believe that you are invincible, and have no fears and throw all caution to the wind. Many children under the age of 10 end up with broken arms or legs due to their outrageous doings, but I was never one of those kids. I was the little girl who preferred playing with Barbies and Polly Pockets and playing dress up rather than going and running around outside. For as long as I can remember, I have always been a wimp when it came to taking outside adventures. I do not have any inkling as to what may have caused this, but it seems that participating in any activities outside- aside from team sports- are just not my thing. Do not get me wrong, I was a very active little girl and ended up being outside a lot, I started playing soccer at the age of four and continued in competitive soccer until the age of 17. Playing an outdoor sport did not necessarily mean I threw all of my fears away for the love of the game. I still struggled within my bubble; considering there were so many bugs and creatures out at the soccer field- bees for instance scared the crap out of me. You never know when they felt “threatened by you,” so whenever I saw them, I would try my best to steer clear of them at all costs. I also do not like hiking, spontaneous adventures- especially on weedy hills (tall grass freaks me out), and I get really paranoid when I am attempting to be one with nature in any way. To avoid any contact of the sort, I prefer to read books about nature, because this allows me to experience being one with the natural world, rather than participating in the actual scary part outside. The only place in nature I feel the slightest bit safe is at the beach, and that is only because I have grown up going there every summer ever since I was born. With that being said, however, the deep dark ocean water freaks me out to no end; for the pure reason being that I do...
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