My Brother Sam Is Dead: Description of the Authors

Topics: My Brother Sam Is Dead, James Lincoln Collier, Columbia University Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 21, 2010
Trenton Milligan
Mrs. Sanders
May 4, 2010
Author of My Brother Sam is Dead
James Collies was born in 1928 and is currently still alive he wrote many Children books one famous on he has is My Brother Sam is dead Collier was born into a family of writes so it was easy for him to just want to write seeing everyone in his family doing it. The Arthur who wrote My Brother Sam is dead is James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. They both wrote many books around twenty children books or more this book was wrote in 1975. James was the Author and Christopher was the publisher of the book My Brother Sam is dead. Well this book is about a young kid in college that comes home and tells his family that he is going into the revolutionary war against the British and the Americans we he wanted to go against England and the loyalty of his king even though is dad said no and he wants to take his fathers gun which is called Brown Bess. James Collier was born in 1928 in New York New York. Collier went to college at Hamilton College in 1950. His hobbies were jazz and worked as jazz musician regularly. His career was being a magazine editor 1952-1958. Collier also served his country in the military as a private from 1950-1951. That was what he has done his life along with writing children books. The Teddy Bear Habit; or, How I Became a Winner, illustrations by Lee Lorenz, Norton (New York, NY), 1967.Rock Star, Four Winds (Bristol, FL), 1970.Why Does Everybody Think I'm Nutty?, Grosset (New York, NY), 1971.It's Murder at St. Basket's, Grosset (New York, NY), 1972.Rich and Famous: The Further Adventures of George Stable, Four Winds (Bristol, FL), 1975.Give Dad My Best, Four Winds (Bristol, FL), 1976.Planet out of the Past, Macmillan (New York, NY), 1983.When the Stars Begin to Fall, Delacorte (New York, NY), 1986.Outside Looking In, Macmillan (New York, NY), 1987.The Winchesters, Macmillan (New York, NY), 1988.My Crooked Family, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY),...
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