My Brother Allie's Baseball Mitt

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I loved my brother Allie so much, that's why I kept his baseball mitt. I couldn't stand thinking about that I'll never see him again! I guess because of that the mitt is so damn valuable to me. Well, and it really was a huge part of Allie, that's why it makes me feel good; because only I have it.

Allie's baseball mitt is a left-handed baseball mitt. The whole mitt is a light brown color because it is very worn. Yeah, you can even smell the smell of old leather and the dirt. If you'll be looking at the mitt from far away though, you can get the idea that the mitt is green. It's a very light shade of green because a long time ago Allie wrote poems in green ink on every finger and every pocket of the mitt. Since then the ink had faded down a bit. I always thought it was so damn funny that Allie wrote the poems on the glove so he would have something to read when he was on the field and nobody was up the bat. But now it's just a funny little memory that makes me think of Allie more.

Of all the poems that Allie included on the glove, I really like the one called " What If Life?" by Allen Woodcrest. I have been wondering a lot why he included it on his glove. And not a long time ago I realized that maybe Allie included it after he found out that he had cancer. God, it's so depressing to think about it this way... But it's the only reasonable thing that comes to my mind. And even every line of the poem made me realize that. For example, the lines "What if life only lasted a day, Do you think we'd appreciate it better?" and "Why want another life? Your life is perfect already",make sense that if a person knows he's gonna die, he would appreciate life more and think about it more. And that's why I think that Allie included this poem on his mitt after founding out about his illness. I guess he just thought more about his opportunities in life and that he won't be able to use them. Every time I look at the mitt, it reminds me of how Allie was such a good and...
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