My body My Employer My Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Reproductive rights Pages: 3 (1944 words) Published: October 30, 2014

“My Body, My Employer, My Abortion”
In the article, “My body, My employer, My abortion” by Loren Clark-Moe, stated the argument that every women is fully capable of making appropriate decisions about their health, their body, and life just as she made for herself. To give a little background of the article, Loren Clark-Moe, a 29 year old woman who worked with the federal government as a former analyst at the Department of Homeland Security. Loren believed passionately in the importance of public service. Little did it occur to Loren that her employment would put her at an advantage until she came face to face with a law restricting her from her reproductive choices. “I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, given increasing attempts across the United States to limit women’s access to reproductive health care”, stated Loren. Loren is beginning to show us as an audience of women and political voting stand point that she is being put at a disadvantage. With laws starting to restrict what she and many other women like to have control over which is our reproductive choice. This article text is meant for the men and women that read the “Chicago Tribune” to notice that the government is going to take these writes away from women. Later in the article Loren begins to tell us that she has been on birth control for most of her adult life and has always had irregular menstruation timing and this particular missed menstruation wasn’t any different until Loren began to suffer extreme nausea and fatigue, two major symptoms of pregnancy. Loren then bought a pregnancy test and it confirmed she was pregnant. That following Monday Loren had a doctor appointment and was shocked to find out that she was already eight weeks and three days pregnant. As a reader, I would be shocked if I was in Loren’s position with not knowing I had already been eight weeks pregnant. “Abortion wasn’t an automatic choice for me, it was one I was strongly considering, and the method I preferred,...
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