My Body, My Decision To Share It

Topics: Genetics, Huntington's disease, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: March 25, 2014

My Body, My Decision To Share It

Children have a way with words that adults don’t seem to understand. I remember this boy in my primary school. He was a six-year-old with blond hair, blue eyes, and a big happy smile. One day, when getting changed for gym, I noticed this scar that ran down his front. I knew one or two things about scars, and being an inquisitive child, I asked him about it. To this day, I remember his words: “My masked man cut out my soul because my brother needed it.” It’s a phrase that haunts me.

Clearly, no one actually cut out his soul. A doctor did, however, remove a kidney for a 13-year-old boy suffering from leukemia: my friend’s brother. But of course at six years old, it is hard to explain that, not only were you only born to save your sibling, but that your body is not entirely your own. At six, you are property of your parents. It is not until eighteen you become an actual person who has the right to decide what they do to their body. They created you so obviously must do anything they say, even at the risk of your own life. Right? No. No matter what your age, you have full rights to your body, and no one should have the right to decide what you do with it. It is wrong to design a child for the of purpose medically helping another because it takes away that child's life to their own body, instead it becomes the property of someone, as well as the added risk to the survivor sibling.

To understand exactly the issue at hand, you after to understand exactly what a designer baby is. These are children whose “genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics.” [1]. One of the use of this to help parents 'design' the 'perfect' child, picking out the traits that they'd prefer for their child, such as "disease resistance, sex, hair color and other cosmetic traits, athletic ability, or intelligence." [2]....
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