My Biggest Achievement and Biggest Failure

Topics: High school, College, Middle school Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: August 28, 2011

My biggest achievement was when I was chosen by the Senior High School to join the mathematics Olympiad East Java in Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya. I really did not suppose this matter because for my studying process not including the clever student, but because of the curious feeling that was so big about the lesson that was explained so as I always active asked. And during the Olympics I was very grateful because of could enter 15 big from hundreds of students, this was the achievement that will not be forgotten while I studied in the Senior High School until now.

Whereas my biggest failure was when I decided to leave the place study the Surabaya state university. All my friends in university wanted to play by going to class and not serious studied so as this matter that made me to be not comfortable to go to class and decide to go out from there. When I took this decision my parents really did not support and angry, because I entered the university with great difficulty but went out so fast. At the time I really was regret because my family not there is one that is supportive with my decision. However after that my best friend came and inspired me and said "to continue to remain although not there are those that agreed but if you were convinced did", this matter that made me rise and begin explained to the family about my reason left this university. After several old I the vacuum study finally in this year I began the lecture in PCP ITS took the route system the administrator, because since long ago I had been attracted by information technology.

My plan for the next five years is get the degree of the scholar technique. Afterwards I will help children to study about the function of the internet and the computer for the period now and the future. Because at this time the child at the Primary School often do homework by using the computer and the internet to search the task. In the beginning they won’t give the explanation ate...
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