My Best Vacation

Topics: Fish, Jellyfish, Cnidaria, Seafood, Animal / Pages: 2 (274 words) / Published: Dec 9th, 2011

Dear all, Today, I would like to tell you about my best vacation. A few summers ago, my sister, her colleagues and me took a vacation to Nha Trang for 5 days. As you know, vacation was special days! We visitted many well-known places such as: Vinpeal Land, Hon Tam Island, Diamond Bay, Thap Ba Pagoda,...and so on. On the way riding in the cable car to go to Vinpeal Land, we saw several jelly fish in the very blue water. It is the first time I have ever seen an extremely beautiful view like that, so I felt very interested and relaxed. We stayed there all day to play games, visit the aquarium, take photographs,... We spent another day diving into the sea to view the colorful coral. At the moment I felt anxious because I couldn't swim, but when I saw the coral, its beauty made me fogot all thing. In the next day, I took a boat for some where that I don't know to eat seafood such as: fish, cuttle fish, shrimp,...The food was so fresh and delicious. At night, we rent bicycle to ride along the seacoast. It was so romantic journey. After we utterly exhausted, we droped in shift shop where we ate lobster, grilled meat roll and drank sugar-cane juice... The last day before came back home, we went to the market to buy speacialities and souvenirs for our family and fiends. Although I got sick after the vacation but I felt so happy from my heart. I love my vacation so much. Thank you for

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