My Best Friend of All Time

Topics: High school Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Lyndsey Woulfe is the most important friend My Important Friend that I have. The first time I met Lyndsey, was in fourth grade. We played softball together and had the same friends. Although we wasn’t very close when we was young. I could tell that we would become real close friends. Today Lyndsey and I are the best of friends, we act like sisters. It was the fourth grade; I was at a new school. I was very shy and afraid that I wouldn’t have any friends. I had a cousin that I went to school with and he introduced me to new people. He introduced me to Lyndsey. We hung out occasionally when we were younger because we had the same group of friends. It wasn’t until seventh grade that Lyndsey and I became best friends. Ever since then we have been close. In high school Lyndsey and I played softball together. We both started on varsity team. Both of us had a hard time with softball because we did not like our coach. Lyndsey had a harder time with softball; she is a real sensitive person. I talked her into playing our senior year and I could tell she was glad she played. Lyndsey has always been there for me whenever I needed her. I would get overwhelmed in high school and she was always there to get me through the day. Lyndsey is a great friend and person. She always supports me and tells the truth about anything. We have been through so much together. Lyndsey hasn’t had the easiest life; she has been through a lot. She is a strong person and I am glad I have her part of my life. Lyndsey is practically my sister. We talk about everything and do everything together. Lyndsey and I cannot go a day without talking to each other. Now we are graduated and going to Higher Ed together. I still hang out with Lyndsey every day. We know each other like the back of our hands. We can tell when one of us is having a bad day or boy problems. I really hope Lyndsey and I stay friends forever. I see us in the future taking our kids to softball games and sitting in lawn chairs watching...
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