My best friend

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Love Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 23, 2015
My best friend
In our lives we come across many people. Many of them remain anonymous, some may be acquaintances and some become our friends. Surely, everyone is fond of the idea of friendship. In fact, to most people believe that friends are the most important part of their lives. There have been lots of sayings, quotes, movies and music about this theme; and this also impacted many people in the way they see the idea of having friends and that it is worthwhile to have someone to rely on. Friends come and go throughout our lives and each friendship is a unique relationship. My best friend is called Kate and she is younger than me for two years. Kate and I first met about four years ago, when our classes turned into a joint one. While studying in the school I always used to wonder and admire her well-sharpened mind. She has managed to do homework and not to be late for classes. She has red hair, but originally it is blond, and blue eyes. I love her dimpled cheeks and broad smile. Kate is an incredible person who is being around when times get tough. She is very kind and reliable. It also seems like I know almost everything about her. Kate lives with her parents whom I know pretty good and we like spending time all together in the countryside. I treat her as my young sister because at times she is very naive and I am worried about her. I like to watch her maturing and growing up from a little princess to a lady. Now she learns management at Presidential Academy and I am really proud of her. We have a lot of the same personality traits, yet we also seem like total opposite at times. She like to debate with people about the stupidest things and it seems like she enjoys getting into these little arguments. Occasionally she doesn’t think before saying and her words can hurt some people, but these things are explained by her age. Little disadvantages cannot break our strong relationship. She is probably one of the most unique guys I’ve ever met.
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